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We serve the area generally north and east of Boston.  We welcome inquiries about chapter membership and programs.  Send the webmaster an email using the gadget below.
You can get a copy of our current Swell to Great Newsletter by clicking here.

The "Newsletters" link above has an archive of newsletters from the last few years.

Do you know a young person interested in learning how to play the organ?  The Merrimack Chapter has a scholarship program.  An application is available by clicking here.

You can also click here for a list of chapter members who are available for teaching.

Our Next Event:

Annual MVAGO Members' Recital: April 22, 2018 – 3pm

Please join your colleagues and friends from the MVAGO for the MVAGO Annual Members' recital on Sunday April 22 at

3:00pm at the Bethesda Missionary Church (formerly St George's Primitive Methodist Church) located 10 Phillips

Street Methuen on its historical organ, as described in the OHS database:

"Organ built by James E. Treat & Co., in 1889, financed by E. F. Searles, and from 1890 until 1904, the exhibition organ of

James E. Treat & Co. and the Methuen Organ Co., in their building next to the present Music Hall. In 1904, Mr. Searles gave

the organ and edifice to the congregation. Electrified by E. M. Skinner in 1948 (utilizing an ugly Aeolian console), the organ

lost several fine stops and the action became so unreliable that it was "retrackerized" by the Andover Organ Company in

1962. The original console was rebuilt, the Pedal and stop action is electric, and tonal changes were accomplished with the

funds available.

"A recital booklet for December and January 1890 indicates that the case was designed in pure Corinthian by Henry

Vaughan, the console was six feet detached, and that the "pneumatic motor" was applied to the lowest octave of the

Swell. The pedals were flat, the couplers were over the Swell manual with the combination pedal labels, and the swell

pedal and Tremolo pedal were at the far right." (Boston Organ Club Newsletter, May 1966) (Steven E. Lawson. November

28, 2017)

Seven MVAGO members have volunteered to play an exciting program including works by João W. Faustini,  Bermudo de Olagué, Frescobaldi, Scheidt, Vierne and others.

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