Organs of Greater Lawrence

Prepared by Robert J. Reich (1929-2023), Methuen, Mass.

Revised to December 1, 2013

The following list includes all known present and former churches of the area except for a few recently organized churches that are presently meeting in commercial or residential type buildings, as well as other organ holders. It is intended to include all pipe organs that were ever in regular use in the area. * in the left margin indicates an organ or substantial change to one already listed; an organ moved from one church to another or one in a church that has changed hands is listed only once. S and P next to the left margin indicate that a stoplist is at hand and that a photograph has been obtained, respectively.

Note: nko means no known organ ever; OCH means Organ Clearing House, the national agency for relocating used organs; Laws refers to W. W. Laws, an organ rebuilder, as distinguished from his son W. F. Laws, who was in the same business. The two operated independently except for a brief period. The senior Laws made more organs that were essentially new although both rebuilt many old organs with new consoles and other parts.

Both made large numbers of new consoles employing Austin patents and both in rebuilding old organs provided many new pipes.

Many thanks are owed to organ historians Alan Laufman, E. A. Boadway, Barbara J. Owen, and Martin H. Walsh, all of whom have searched diligently in church records, old newspapers, and elsewhere.





First Baptist Church, Andover, formed in 1832

*SP 1st organ: George H. Ryder, opus #169, 1892, 2 manuals, 9 ranks.

Replaced 1946 by Orgatron; removed by Vincent Treanor, sold 1955 to Eugene A. Kelley, installed 1978 by Howard Denton in Duxbury, Mass., Congregational Church.

*SP 2nd organ: Odell #349, 1897, from St. John's Lutheran Church, Brooklyn, N.Y., 2m, 8r, courtesy of OCH, rebuilt with new case and installed 1976 by Wilson R. Barry, Andover, Mass.




Arlington Baptist, aka Third Baptist, (q.v.), had building on Lake St. in 1904 that was formerly St. Paul's Methodist. Reed organ.

Calvary Baptist, formed 1921 by merger of First Free Will Baptist and Second Baptist. New building on site of First Free Will Baptist; Second Baptist building sold and razed for commercial purposes.

*SP 1st Organ: W. W. Laws, 3m, 1924, incorporating the former organ of Second Baptist and the Swell division of Hook and Hastings #1923, 1901, Trinity Church, New York City, 3m, 32r, a rebuild of a Hall and Labagh. This organ contained pipes of the Simmons, Hook and Hastings, and Hall and Labagh organs as well as some provided by Laws from various sources. The church burned in 198-. The Swell side of organ vanished without trace but the Simmons pipes, although many were damaged, were salvaged by the Andover Organ Company and still exist. A new building was constructed on Massachusetts Ave. at the corner of Route 125 in North Andover.

* 2nd organ: Austin, op. 2749, 1992, 2m, located in a very reverberant new auditorium with lots of windows and no sound absorbents; the console is movable and the pipes are located behind a pipe façade. The pipes are all new although one or two stops are prepared only.


First Baptist, organized 1847 as Amesbury St. Baptist. 1st bldg. 1847; 2nd bldg. 1850 on southeast corner of Haverhill and Amesbury Streets.

*P   1st organ: Appleton and Davis, 1856, moved to front 1890.

*S   2nd organ: Kimball, Smallman, & Frazee, c1919-20, 2m, 23v, 25r, 28s. Building and organ burned 1933; church then merged with Calvary Baptist to form First Calvary Baptist at the building of Calvary Baptist.


First Calvary Baptist, formed 1934 by merger of 1st Baptist and Calvary Baptist, the latter building retained.    Organ: see Calvary Baptist.

Free Will Baptist, aka First Free Will Baptist. Organized 1846, 1st bldg. 1847, Haverhill and White Sts. Merged 1921 with Second Baptist to form Calvary Baptist with a new building at the site of Free Will Baptist. A bass viol was in use in 1849.

* Organ: S. S. Hamill, bought in 1868 for $250, 3/14/1868, organ dedicated in concert by Eugene Thayer; “The Tri-Weekly American” said in power it is the equal of any organ in the city; disposition unknown. We assume the price given was in error and perhaps should have been $1250.

Italian Baptist. Organized 1917 at First Baptist; in 1939 at 274 Elm St.; in1948 acquired former bldg. of St. George's Syrian Greek Orthodox at 302 Elm St.; c1957 merged with 1st Calvary Baptist.  nko

Olive Baptist, Black. Organized c1875, Lowell St. near Morton St.   Disappeared 1895.  nko

Second Baptist, organized 1861; 1st bldg. 1861 bought old bldg. of former Christian Society on Common St.; 2nd bldg. 1865, former bldg. moved and enlarged; 3rd bldg. 1874, former bldg. moved and enlarged, Common St. near Lawrence St. (Hist. of Law. 1880 says former bldg. torn down); merged 1921 with Free Will Baptist to form Calvary Baptist in a new bldg. at the site of Free Will Baptist; Second Baptist bldg. torn down.

*SP  1st organ: Simmons 1874 2M 24 stops 18 ranks, installed at rear.

*S  2nd organ: Simmons organ rebuilt with pneumatic action, moved to the front with detached console and new facade, oblique stop jambs, one stop added to Swell; $2000.

Third Baptist, Black. Organized 1904 at 263 Essex St.; 1917, 15 Margin St.; new bldg. 1946, 22 Warren St., Piano; c1970, Hammond.  nko

Wood Memorial Baptist. Organized 1899 at 111 Coolidge St.; new bldg. 1900 67 Coolidge St. Church closed 1942; bldg. sold to Emmanuel Lutheran. Reed organ, 2m&p.



First Baptist. Organized 1815; 1st bldg. 1815 on present site, northwest corner of Lawrence and Park Sts., rebuilt 1840, burned 3/21/1869; 2nd  bldg. 1870; building and organ dedicated 1/14/1870. “Lawrence  American”, 8/12/1869, said organ cost $1200 and “will have no case but be built into an alcove in the rear 28’ wide and 14’ deep”.

*P   1st organ: E. & G. G. Hook #186, 1855, 2-18, $1200, located front  center; 3/21/1869 burned.

*P  2nd organ: Stevens, 1870, $2600, located in rear gallery alcove,  dedicated 1/14/1870. “Lawrence American”, 1/14/1870 says “organ  by Mr. Stephens of Cambridge”.

*    3rd organ: Austin, 2m, 14r, 16s, 1923, one stop change c1978 by E. A. Kelley.


North Andover:

First Calvary Baptist. Moved from Lawrence after fire. See Lawrence, Calvary Baptist.


Salem, N.H.


First Baptist.  Organized 1865 at Foster's Hall which burned 1867; 1st bldg. 1869; 2nd bldg. 1973. “The Lawrence American” of 6/9/1869, says this church has started construction of a new building “having a few years ago lost the previous church and organ”. This suggests that the rented quarters in Foster’s Hall had an organ but it seems likely that this referred to a reed organ.

* Organ: Estey, 2m, 7r, pneumatic; probably the only organ this church ever had; not moved to new bldg. and subsequently removed from old bldg. which was developed commercially. Organ assumed destroyed.


Fundamentalist Baptist Church. 1972. Electronic instrument.




First Church of Christ, Scientist. Andover. Bldg. c1965, electronic.


First Church of Christ, Scientist, Lawrence. Organized 1896; bldg. on Green St., 1896; Church closed 1980; bldg. sold to Judson Memorial Southern Baptist and later to a Hispanic group.

*SP 1st organ: Methuen Organ Co., 2m.

* S  2nd organ: E. M. Skinner, electrification and tonal changes.





Ballardvale Congregational. Organized 1850; 1st bldg. c1851; 2nd bldg. 1968.

*  1st organ: Hook and Hastings #1908, 1901, 2m, 7r.

* 2nd organ: Noack #4, 1961, rebuild of H&H with tonal changes; organ not moved to new bldg.; sold to Episcopal, Meredith, N.H., where it exists.


Free Christian. Organized 1846, Scottish; bought bldg. of former Methodist Church, moved and remodeled, burned 1849; 2nd bldg. and organ 1849 given by Mr. Grove; 3rd bldg. brick, 1908 Elm St.

*P  1st organ: Stevens? Photograph exists showing handsome case.

*SP 2nd organ: Hutchings Organ Co., pneumatic, c1909

*S 3rd organ: Casavant, 1941, retaining facade of Hutchings organ.

*S 4th organ: P. A. Beaudry, 1972, tonal revision of Casavant.        


South Church. Organized 1709; 1st bldg. 1710; 2nd bldg. 1734;  3rd bldg. 1788, altered 1833; 4th bldg. 1860.

* 1st organ: E. & G. G. Hook #15, 1834, 1-10. Note: church history dated 1859 says first organ came in 1836.

*PS 2nd organ: Hook & Hastings #1259, 1885, 2-26, size 11, front center, $2850, $350 allowed for old organ.

*S 3rd organ: Hall-Frazee-Laws, moved and rebuilt by Laws 1931 from Andover Theological Seminary (q.v.), in rear gallery.

*PS 4th organ: Andover Organ Co., mostly new organ containing

 some pipes and parts of previous organ, 1961-68. New façade and slider chests for Great and Positive.

* 5th organ: Bozeman, c1988, tracker organ containing facade, two slider windchests, and many pipes of previous organ.


West Parish. Organized and built 1826.

* 1st organ: Hook #230, 1858, 1-13; church history of 1906 states that remodelling occurred in 1893 with new bell, organ, and carpets.  Said to have been moved to a Cong. Ch. in Vt. but not found there.

 2nd organ: was there a new organ in 1893?

* 3rd organ: Estey #3008, 1931, electric action.

* 4th organ: Bradley Rule of Tennessee, c1990, composite organ with tracker action, case by Clisby found in the huge attic of Hudson, Mass., Unitarian, but thought never to have been part of a playing organ there, pipes from Simmons and other sources.

*PS Cemetery Chapel organ: Hutchings 2m, #1660, c1908, pneumatic action, water blower, 12 ranks; unused since about 1950; removed c1996 by OCH.



Central Congregational. Organized 1846 as Central Church, Orthodox Congregational; 1st bldg. 1847; 2nd bldg. 1854 Essex and Appleton Sts., burned 1895, severe damage but bldg. survived in commercial use to present day; 3rd bldg. 1860, stone, north side of Haverhill St. facing the North Common; merged 1883 with Eliot Cong. to form Trinity Cong. at Central bldg.; merged 1966 with Lawrence St. Cong. to form Hope Cong. at Trinity; merged 1998 with Forest St. Union Church of Methuen at the Forest St. bldg.; old Trinity bldg. sold to a Hispanic congregation.

*   1st organ: ?

* 2nd organ: Simmons, 1860, 2m, in 1884 sold for $500 to  G. S. Hutchings who sold it to Old North Church, Boston, where it was  rebuilt by Schlicker c1955 and existed until replaced in 1992, said to  have been destroyed then. (Note: I remember seeing this organ in 1944 or 45 and then again in the 1970s and thinking it was very good.  It was either the first or second tracker organ I became acquainted with. RJR)

*PS 3rd organ: Hutchings #134 2-30, 1884, $4250.

*S 4th organ: Laws, 1923, 4m, Hutchings rebuilt and enlarged; old slider ; chest of unknown provenance for Choir division and old H&H electric action slider chest for Echo. For sale 1998, not sold 2013.  Note: E. A. Boadway says church got a Stevens organ in 1863.

Eliot Congregational. Organized 1865; bldg. 1866 brick, northwest corner of Methuen and Appleton Sts.; merged 1883 with Central Cong. to form Trinity Cong. at Central bldg.; Eliot bldg. became YMCA, eventually demolished.

*S Organ: Hutchings #31, 1873, 2-23, $3500, Great and Swell divisions were located against the walls on either side with the console in the middle; sold in 1891 by the trustees of the YMCA to the First Unitarian Church in Lawrence where it was used until 1916 when the building was torn down and then finally sold in 1919 for $850 to an unnamed purchaser (church records).

Hope Congregational. Formed 1966 by merger of Lawrence St. Cong. at bldg. of Trinity Cong., see Central Cong. Organ: see Central Cong.

Lawrence St. Congregational. Organized 1846; 1st bldg. 1847, small; 2nd bldg. 1848, large colonial style, wood, burned 1913; 3rd bldg. 1915, stone; 1966 merged with Trinity Cong. to form Hope Cong. at the bldg. of Trinity; Lawrence St. bldg. sold to Spanish Church of God.

*SP 1st organ: William Stevens 1854, 2m, 23r, sold to Universalist Church, Chatham, Mass., now St. Stephen's Episcopal, where it exists. Rear.

* 2nd organ: Hutchings #97, 2-29, 1881. Front. 

*P 3rd organ: Hutchings-Votey, 1903, probably a rebuild of the previous organ with electric or electro-pneumatic action; old façade probably retained.

*S 4th organ: Kimball, Smallman, & Frazee, 1914, 3m; unused since sale of bldg. in 1966, damaged in collapse of floor but still present. No recent information.

Riverside Congregational. Organized 1875 as Riverside Mission, Water St.; 1877 became Riverside Evangelical; 1890 became Riverside Cong.; c1965 merged with United Cong. to become United Riverside Cong. at Riverside bldg.; 1st bldg. was a barn moved to Water St. from nearby and raised up to put a new first floor under it; 1928, it was moved back and rebuilt into a parish house and a new stone church built in front. 1st bldg. had a reed organ.

*SP Organ: Frazee, 1929, 2m, 14r., partially revoiced for much greater  strength in 1979 by Andover Organ Co.

South Congregational. Organized 1868; 1st bldg. 1868, 66 Turnpike (now Broadway), small, rebuilt into a barn still extant on Andover St; 2nd bldg. 1875 198 Broadway, burned 1896; 3rd bldg. 1896 burned 1939; 4th bldg. 1939 brick "colonial". Reed organ until 1901.

*S 1st organ: Odell 1867 #59 from Winsted, Conn., bought in 1901 from E. W. Lane for $950.

*S 2nd organ: Laws, 1929, 3m, Odell rebuilt and enlarged.

*S 3rd organ: Laws, 1939, put together from salvageable parts of previous organ and various other old organs; new Swell and Great chests installed by Williams c1968. Great partially revoiced 1975 by AOC. All of the Great Principal stops are derived from one set of bad open diapason pipes and no improvement is possible without providing pipes and chest space for these stops.

Trinitarian Congregational. Formed 1883 by merger of Central Cong. and Eliot Cong. at bldg. of Central Cong. Organ: see Central Cong.

United Congregational. Organized 1868 as Lowell St. Free Congregational; 1873 Free Cong. on Common St.; 1875 combined with Trinity Methodist (organized 1883) to form United Congregational at Tower Hill Cong. bldg.; 1972 merged with Riverside Cong. to form United Riverside Cong. at bldg. of Riverside Cong.; United Cong. bldg. sold to Spanish Evangelical Church.

*S Organ: E. W. Lane, 1902, 2m, 18r, altered and enlarged 1921 by A. P. Whiton; sold 1972 through Organ Clearing House to ?



Bethel Armenian Congregational. Organized 1906 in Lawrence, mission of Lawrence St. Cong.; 1913 moved to Grace Church Chapel, Garden and Newbury Sts.; 1915 moved to Central Methodist; 1916 moved to Concord and Hampshire Sts.; 1920 moved to Trinity Church; 1931 moved to 8 Lowell St.; 1949 bought former Universalist bldg. in Methuen; c1968 merged with Mt. Ararat Cong. in Salem, N.H. at Mt. Ararat bldg.; Bethel bldg. sold for commercial purposes and remodelled into apartments.

Organ: see Methuen Universalist.

First Congregational. Organized 1726; 1st bldg. on Powder House Hill, moved 1727 to Meeting House Hill; 2nd bldg. same site 1796, moved 1832 to present site on Pleasant St., torn down 1855; 3rd bldg. stone 1855.

* 1st organ: sold in 1855 for $600 when bldg. was torn down.

* 2nd organ: E. & G. G. Hook #452, 1868, 2-24.

 3rd organ: in Philips Chapel, Jardine organ from Grace Episcopal, Lawrence, later in St. George's E.P.M., installed by Methuen Organ Co.; had 12 stops including a Trumpet on one manual; removed by Kendrick Barrington of Derry, an organ tuner, before 1956.

*SP 4th organ; Methuen Organ Co., 1889, from Kellogg Terrace, Gt. Barrington, Mass. (estate of Edward F. Searles, formerly of Mrs. Mark Hopkins), electrified and installed 1924 by Wm. W. Laws, 3m, 42 stops; subsequently altered tonally by Laws; damaged by persistent water leakage from tower; partially restored tonally and mechanically 1981 and later by Andover Organ Co.

Forest St. Union Church. Organized 1913, bldg. 1913. 2m and p reed organ used until 1944.

*SP 1st Organ: ordered new from E.M.Skinner 1943, burned in factory; E.M.Skinner installed in 1944 an organ from the Searles estate built by Methuen Organ Co. 1898; see Searles organ #5.

*S  2nd organ: Andover Organ Co., Methuen Organ partially rebuilt with revised stoplist on Great, 196-.


Second Parish. Organized 1766; united 1816 with First Parish; reorganized 1830; reunited later with First Parish; 1st bldg. on Forest St.; 2nd bldg. on Pelham St.   nko

North Andover.


Trinitarian Congregational. Organized 1830 as Evangelical Church; 1st bldg. 1834 east of North Parish Church in old Andover center, enlarged 1839; 2nd bldg. 1865 2 miles north in present center of North Andover.

* 1st organ: E. & G. G. Hook #379, 1865, 2-22.

*SP 2nd organ: Hook and Hastings #2264, rebuild of Hook, 1911, 2-21, 15s, 16r.

* 3rd organ: Frazee 1934, 2m; facade of Hook retained but modified.

*P 4th organ: Andover Organ Co., tonal rebuild of Frazee, 1952-8, reportedly went to Marblehead Methodist.

*SP 5th organ: Andover Organ Co., 1987, rebuild of some old organ provided by the Organ Clearing House, tracker action, many new pipes and old pipes from various sources; facade from Graniteville Methodist Hook originally in Lowell, 1st Unitarian.                    

Salem, N.H.

First Congregational. Organized 1740. Met in town hall until 1st bldg. 1839; 1827 bass viol and clarinette in use.

* 1st organ: in rear gallery; may have been reed organ -- reports disagree.

* 2nd organ: Estey 1920, 2-7, #1761, pneumatic; not in use since about 1960; present existence unknown.


Mt. Ararat Congregational. Organized 1912; bldg. 1913; merged c1968 with Bethel Armenian Cong. of Methuen at bldg. of Mt. Ararat Cong. Hammond.





Christ Church. Organized 1833; 1st bldg., 1837, burned 1886; 2nd bldg. 1886.

* 1st organ: Richard P. Morss, 1837.

*SP 2nd organ: Hutchings #159, 1886, 2-29.

*S 3rd organ: W.W.Laws, 1949, 3m, electrification and enlargement of Hutchings organ.

*S 4TH organ: Noack c1961, tonal revision.

 5th organ: C. B. Fisk, 2012, in new rear gallery



Grace Church. Organized 1846, first service 10/11/1846; 1st bldg. 1846, wood, Jackson and Common Sts., moved back to make way for new bldg.; 2nd bldg. 1851, stone, enlarged 1896.

* 1st organ: Joseph Alley, 1m, obtained 1846 2nd hand from 1st Methodist, Lowell, small, unsatisfactory, kept only a few months.

*P 2nd organ: Jardine, 1846 or 7, moved to Stone bldg. 1851, moved

 1860 from front center to side; taken in trade 1896 by Methuen Organ Co., subsequently installed in Center St. Prim. Methodist, Methuen, later installed in Phillips Chapel of 1st Cong., Methuen (q.v.), ten stops including Trumpet; eventually removed by Kendrick Barrington of Derry and believed destroyed, c1940 - 50.

*P 3rd organ: Methuen Organ Co., 1896, 2m., front right.

*S 4th organ: W. W. Laws, 1926, electrification with 3m console of previous organ.

*SP 5th organ: Andover Organ Co., 1951, rebuilding and enlargement of previous organ; Choir division added in chamber on left side of chancel with slider chest from Searles organ #6 (Methuen) and pipes from Dennison. Recent extensive damage from roof leak, partial repair.


St. Augustine's. Organized 1878; 1st bldg. 1878; 2nd bldg. 1922;  (other source says 1912); Hammond.   nko


St. John's. Organized 1868; in 1875 called St. John's Anglo-Catholic; in 1950 merged with All Saints, Methuen, at bldg. of All Saints; 1st bldg. on Morton St., moved to 114 Bradford St., 1886 street number changed to 90, sold 1903 to St. Francis R.C.; 2nd bldg. 1903 342 Broadway, after 1950 used as a club and later as a specialty store.  

* Organ: E. & G. G. Hook #536, 1870, 2-16; opening concert by May 2, 1870 by Edward K. Glezon of Boston; organ was moved to new bldg. in 1903; after 1950 it was vandalized and eventually destroyed.




All Saints. Formerly St. Thomas; new name and location 1906; bldg. and organ given by E. F. Searles 1906; merged 1950 with St. John's of Lawrence at bldg. of All Saints with new name St. Andrew's.

*PS Methuen Organ Co./Jesse Woodberry & Co., 1906, $5000, 2m, tracker pneumatic, ventil chests. This organ seems to have been a collaboration between the two companies with the structure, action, wind system, and windchests by Woodberry and the elaborate carved case, most or all of the pipes, and probably the console by Methuen Organ Co.


St. Andrews. Formed in 1950 by merger of All Saints, Methuen, with St. John's, Lawrence, at the bldg. of All Saints.

 Organ: see All Saints.


St. Thomas. Organized 1878; bldg.1878 red brick, at Kirk St. and Broadway on the Methuen-Lawrence line; name changed to All Saints in 1906 when new bldg. and organ were given by E.F.Searles; 2nd bldg. 1906 on Broadway at Messer in English Tudor style; old bldg. sold for commercial use still survives in highly modified form as an auto-body shop. A photograph exists showing the interior and organ of a church possibly St. Thomas.

* Organ: Hutchings #74, 1878, 2m, 12s, from residence of J. S. B. Knox, Waltham; perhaps taken in trade by Searles – otherwise disposition unknown.


North Andover:


St. Paul's. Organized 1881 as a mission of Grace Church, Lawrence; bldg. 1882.

*P 1st organ: Hook & Hastings #1256, 1885, 2-17.

*S 2nd organ: W. W. Laws 1928 (church history says Wm. G. Johnson 1927 -- Johnson was an employee of Laws but may have been operating independently at this time); electrification and enlargement of H.&H.; 3m Laws console; revisions 1977-9 by Edward Gammons, well-known organ consultant and organist of the church then.

*PS 3rd organ: Andover Organ Co., 1989, tracker action, 2m, 20s plus 2 prepared, 21 ranks.

Salem, N.H.


St. David's. Organized 1961, bought farm, remodelled barn. electronic






Faith Lutheran. Organized ?  Bldg. ?

* 1st organ: Pilcher #4 c1845, 1m, 6r, from Prattsburg, N.Y., Epis., later St. Christopher's Epis., Cobleskill, 16' stop added by Robert Rowland of Ossining; rebuilt and installed 1979 by John Crum; sold to Harle Perkins, Grafton, Vt.

* 2nd organ: B. Rule & Co., new organ 1997, 2m tracker, incorporating parts of 1899 E. L. Holbrook from Globe Cong., Woonsocket, R.I., courtesy of OCH.



Emmanuel Lutheran (Swedish). Organized 1910 at Parker St. Methodist; 1912 acquired 1st United Presbyterian bldg. on Concord St.,; 1942 moved to 67 Coolidge St., formerly Wood Memorial Baptist; 1949 ceased to exist, sold bldg. to Assembly of God.

 Reed organ, 2m & p, discarded by Assembly of God.


Redeemer Lutheran. Organized 1929 as German Evangelical Lutheran, took present name in 1956; 1st bldg., a house at 284 Prospect St.; 2nd bldg., a 1932 house at 163 East Haverhill St.; 3rd bldg., 1950 brick at same location. 2m & p reed organ before1959.

*PS Organ: Andover Organ Co., 1959, 2m, 8v, 10s, 11r; pedal reed added in 1977. Perhaps the first new American tracker organ of the new era.

Salem, N.H.:


Triumphant Cross Lutheran. Organized 1962, bldg. 1966. 3m Baldwin electronic.





Andover Methodist. Organized 1829; bldg. 1840; disbanded 1846; bldg. sold to Free Christian Church.

 Organ: Stevens or Appleton (?) but whether installed before or after sale to Free Christian Church unknown (q.v.).


Ballardvale Methodist. Bldg. 1850; federated with Congregational c1962; bldg. razed.

*S Organ: Ryder, 1m 3r., sold c1962 to Thomas Long, Milton, later to Cyrus Hersey, Woods Hole.





Central Methodist. Formed 1911 by merger of Garden St. Methodist and First Methodist; new bldg. northeast corner of Haverhill and Lawrence Sts., bringing organ from Garden St. Methodist to new bldg.; merged 1956 with Parker St. Methodist at bldg. of Central Methodist; merged 1968 with Vine St. Methodist, St. Paul's Methodist, St. Mark's Methodist, and Oaklands Methodist of Methuen retaining Central Methodist bldg. and organ with new name: United Methodist.

Organ: See Garden St. Methodist.


First Methodist, aka Haverhill St. Methodist. Organized 1847, bldg. 1848, rebuilt 1859; merged 1911 with Garden St. Methodist in new bldg. at Lawrence and Haverhill Sts. and new name, Central Methodist; 1st Meth. bldg. sold to 1st Presbyterian.

*SP Organ: E. & G. G. Hook, #469, 1869, 2-22, 14s, 15r, $2600; first used in a concert on 2/19/1869 by J. H. Wilcox; “Lawrence American”, 2/17/1869, describes the organ as new and elegant and provides a stoplist; 1880 moved from rear to front. Revoicing of Great Principals and addition of 4’ Wald Flute by Andover Organ Co. 1985. See 1st Pres.


Garden St. Methodist. Organized 6/1853; bldg. 1855; merged 1911 with 1st Meth. to form Central Meth. in new bldg. at Haverhill and Lawrence Sts.; Garden St. bldg. became Lithuanian National Catholic in 1916 (q.v.).

* 1st organ: Appleton, from First Cong., Fitchburg, installed c1870 by A. C. Ellis of Simmons, 20 registers, 822 pipes; two new and improved stops added. Mahogany case in Grecian style, 13’ high, 10’ wide and 6’ deep.

*SP 2nd organ: Jesse Woodberry & Co., 1904; moved 1911 to new Central Methodist bldg. where it exists, unused.


Parker St. Methodist. Organized 1871 as Blanchard St. Methodist; bldg. on Parker St. 1873. Reed organ until c1907; merged 1956 with Central Methodist at Central Meth. bldg.; old Parker St. Meth. bldg. sold to St. Patrick's for a parish hall.

* 1st organ: This church had an organ concert 4/4/1874 which implies that the new bldg. was provided with an organ when built but nothing else has been found to indicate existence of such an organ or to provide details about it.

* 2nd organ: installed c1907 by Gilbert & Butler, a 2m used organ from a church in Reading, possibly the 1875 Appleton from Reading Unitarian which disbanded about that time.

* 3rd organ: Austin, 2m, 1926; sold 1956 to Methodist Church, Potsdam, N.Y., installed by Wm. Patchell.


St. Mark's Methodist. Organized 1879 as Bodwell St. Meth.; 1890 took new name St. Mark's; new bldg. 1890 Essex St. at Margin St.; merged 1968 with Central Methodist and others to become United Meth. at bldg. of Central Meth.; St. Mark's bldg. sold to Spanish Free Methodist Church. Reed organ.

* Organ: Hall, 2m, 9r, electropneumatic.


St. Paul's Methodist. Organized 1884 as Arlington Union Chapel, became Lake St. Chapel; 1891 became St. Paul's Meth.; 1st bldg. on Lake St., sold to 3rd Baptist; 2nd bldg.1896 on Arlington St.; merged 1968 with Central Meth. and others to become United Meth. at bldg. of Central Meth.; St. Paul's bldg. became community recreation center.

*SP Organ: Methuen Organ Co. 1897, 2m, 9r; sold 1969 to Arnold Kelley of Salem, N.H., who stored it in a shed where it was severely damaged by water; some parts were salvaged 1985 by Andover Organ Co.


United Methodist. Formed 1968 by merger of St. Paul's Meth., St. Mark's Meth., Central Meth., Vine St. Meth., and Oaklands Meth. of Methuen at bldg. of Central Meth.

 Organ: see Garden St. Meth.


Vine St. Methodist. Organized 1878 as German Methodist, splitting off from the German Evangelical which became the German Presbyterian; bldg. 1881; merged 1968 with Central Meth. and others to become United Meth.; Vine St. bldg. sold to Spanish Assembly of God.

* 1st organ: ?

* 2nd organ: Hall 1916, 2m, 9r, electropneumatic, believed to be in use.



First Methodist. Organized 1833-4; merged 1995 with Ayers Village Methodist of Haverhill; 1st bldg. 1838; 2nd bldg. 1871, twice remodelled. 1st Meth. bldg. converted into child care center; Ayers Village bldg. sold to fundamentalist church; combined church bought land in west end of Methuen but has been unable to build; met for two years in rented quarters in a Methuen school, then meeting temporarily with Pleasant St. Methodist in Salem, now disbanded.

*P 1st organ: Ryder #6, 1871, at right of pulpit; dedication concert 9/27/1871 played by George H. Ryder.

* 2nd organ: Estey #855, 1911, pneumatic, $2400, half from Carnegie, c1995 organ was dismantled.


Oaklands Methodist. Merged 1968 with Central Methodist and others to become United Methodist of Lawrence. Hammond.


North Andover:


First Methodist. Organized 1845, incorporated 1849; 1st bldg. 1849; enlarged 1853; 2nd bldg. 1869, remodelled 1883; 3rd bldg. c1965.

*S Organ: Gilbert & Butler, 2nd hand c1895, 1m, 6r, destroyed 1941, replaced with electronic instrument.


Salem, N.H.:


Hannah Tenney Methodist. Organized 1809 as Methodist Liberty Church; 1st bldg. 1809, 2nd bldg. 1872, burned 1917; 3rd bldg. 1917.

* 1st organ: 1857, $600.

* 2nd organ: The History of Rockingham and Strafford Counties, Hurd 1882, refers to the organ in this church in 1872 "The organ is one of the largest pipe organs in use in country churches and is an instrument of great power and capacity." This seems to imply a 2m organ of substantial size. A $600 organ would probably have been a 1m organ of moderate size. No other information has been found indicating two organs before the present one.

*S 3rd organ: Estey 1917 2m, 7r, pneumatic, in use.


North Salem Methodist. 1st bldg. 1836, 2nd bldg. 1864, burned 1909; 3rd bldg. 1911, partial gift of Edward F. Searles.

* Organ: ? Some people thought there was an organ in the 2nd bldg. but no written confirmation has been found. There is a facade of pipes in the present building although a Wurlitzer amplified reed instrument is in use and it seems unlikely the facade pipes were ever associated with a pipe organ in that location. It is possible therefore that this church has never had a pipe organ or that it has had one organ or even two.


Pleasant St. Methodist. Organized 1861, bldg. 1862. At present 1st Methodist of Methuen and Ayers Village Methodist of Haverhill which combined have been meeting with Pleasant St. Methodist. Furthermore, there have been efforts from the Conference to combine all of the Salem Methodist churches, possibly with the Methuen and Ayers Village churches, but much resistance has been encountered and this seems unlikely now.

*PS Organ: Methuen Organ Co., 1898, 2m, 9r., tracker, in use; recently designated at a special concert as a Historic Organ by the Organ Historical Society.





Christ Presbyterian. Organized 1875 as German Lutheran Mission (Dorgan in Hist. of Lawrence says 1872), later called German Evangelical Church; reorganized 1879 as German Presbyterian; 1st bldg. 1875, altered 1881; 2nd bldg. 1900; merged 1979 with 1st United Presbyterian to form United Presbyterian at bldg. of Christ Presbyterian; when 2nd bldg. was constructed, 1st bldg. was moved back and remodelled as a parish hall, later torn down when present parish hall was built. Reed organ in 1st bldg.; 2m & p Vocalion in 2nd bldg. "with show-pipes, like those in a real pipe organ that one would have in Germany, at least to remind us", sold to Forest St. Union Church in Methuen.

*SP 1st organ: bought used from Hall 1909, $775, Johnson #389 1873, from Chester, Conn.

*S 2nd organ: Estey #3057, 1934, case and pipes of previous organ retained.

*S 3rd organ: Ray Douglas c1968, new console, tonal changes, case destroyed, entire organ destroyed 1989 in favor of Allen.


First United Presbyterian. Organized 1847 as Associated Reformed Presbyterian; reoganized 1868 as First Presbyterian; name changed 1891 to The United Presbyterian Church; 1979 merged with Christ Presbyterian at bldg. of Christ Presbyterian and name changed to United Presbyterian; 1st bldg. 1856 Oak St. at Church St.; 2nd bldg. dedicated 12/28/1870, Concord St. near Hampshire St., sold to Emmanuel Lutheran; 3rd bldg. formerly 1st Methodist on Haverhill St. at Hampshire St. bought 1912 (see 1st Methodist). Reed organ in use until c1904. Bldg. sold 1979 to Christian Ebenezer Church.

*P 1st organ: c1904 partial gift of Carnegie, tracker, moved 1912 to Sunday School Chapel of newly acquired bldg., later sold to another church.

S 2nd organ: Hook that was in 1st Methodist bldg. (q.v.); pedal action converted to pneumatic c1922; one rank added in 1978 and several others revoiced by R. J. Reich. Organ not in use since 1979 but available for sale; facade has been repainted and some interior damage has occurred. In 2010, it was sold to the Episcopal Cathedral in Denver and is now available for sale there.


United Presbyterian. Formed 1979 by merger of 1st United Presbyterian and Christ Presbyterian at bldg. of Christ Pres.





Salem St. Primitive Methodist. 1915, Salem and Philips Sts., nko. Reed organ in use in 1930s, Hammond more recently.




Emanuel Primitive Methodist. Oakland Ave.; merged 1996 with St. George's P.M.; bldg. sold and now converted to a Mosque; 2m&p reed organ, sold c1960; Hammond more recently.


St. George's Ebenezer Primitive Methodist. Organized 1875 as Primitive Methodist Church of Lawrence, aka Arlington District Prim. Meth.; took present name 1906; 1st bldg. 1875, Lowell St., Lawrence; 2nd bldg. 1888, Camden St., Lawrence; 3rd bldg. 1892, Centre St., Methuen; 4th bldg. 1906, Carleton St., Methuen, gift of Searles.

 1st organ: Jardine, from Grace Church, Lawrence (q.v.), gift of Searles 1896, taken in trade by Searles 1906, later to be installed in the chapel of First Congregational of Methuen.

*SP 2nd organ: Methuen Organ Co. built 1889 as an exhibition organ first installed in Old South Church, Boston, then for some years in the show room of the Methuen Organ Co., finally installed in the new building constructed for the purpose and given by Searles to St. George's 1906.

*S 3rd organ: E. M. Skinner c1946, electrification of previous organ using 2nd hand 3m AEolian console; tonal changes.

*S 4th organ: Andover Organ Co. 1963, retrackerization (first in the world?) using original console which had been saved by Rev. Leonard L. Collins; major tonal revisions.

(See also the May, 2018, Swell to Great Newsletter.)


Tyler St. Primitive Methodist. Bldg. 1915; closed c1958; bldg. remodelled as a home; 2m&p reed organ still present.





St. Augustine's. Organized 1852; lst bldg. c1852; 2nd bldg. 1881.

* 1st organ: in 1st bldg., perhaps moved to lower church 2nd bldg.

*S 2nd organ: Hook & Hastings #997 1880 from Trinity Episcopal, Newport, R.I., 2m, 19r, installed by H&H in 1902, possibly the date of the upper church.

*S 3rd organ: W. W. Laws 1936, 2m, 19r, retaining only pipes from the previous organ with many others added; organ divided around window and a facade of sorts composed of miscellaneous old case pipes was provided. Substantial tonal changes 1984 by P. A. Beaudry and Company, #50.


St. Joseph's, Ballardvale. Mission of St. Augustine's.

* Organ: Hook and Hastings #1193 1883, 2m, 75, originally in the residence of Mrs. Thomas T. Fisher, Hartford, Conn., later in the Chelmsford, Mass., Cong. Church; installed here c1955 by Vincent Treanor; restored by Andover Organ Co. c1960; sold c1970 to Paul Tweeten, Minnesota, eventually installed by him in a Lutheran church in Watertown, Wis. Hammond in use.




Church of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Organized 1887 as a mission of St. Mary's; 1946 became independent parish; a German national parish; bldg. 1887; closed c1986; became the home of a newly organized Hispanic Parish of the same name in Spanish; now combined with St. Mary’s and the building demolished.

* 1st organ: ?

*S 2nd organ: Hall 1930, 2m elec. action, about 12r; electronic substitute installed c1983, fate of organ unknown but assumed destroyed.


Holy Rosary, aka Italian R.C. Church of the Madonna del Rosario. Organized 1904; acquired 1873 bldg. from St. Laurence O'Toole; an Italian national parish, combined with other parishes in 2006 at the building of Holy Rosary and a new name, Corpus Christi.

S 1st organ: H&H 3m in bldg. (see St. Laurence O'Toole).

*S 2nd organ: W. W. Laws 1934, removal of previous organ and installation of electrified 3m H&H from Hartford, Conn.

* 3rd organ: major tonal revision of 2nd organ, P. A. Beaudry, 1983.

 Lower church: 2m&p reed organ.


Holy Trinity. Organized 1904; bldg. 1905; a Polish national parish. In 2006 combined with other churches and now no longer in existence.

*P Organ: Tracker organ installed c1905, probably second hand; possibly late Stevens; mostly destroyed 1937; case and Swell chest remained for many years with Hammond in use.


Immaculate Conception. Organized 1846 as First Catholic, first church in Lawrence; 1877 became part of St. Mary's Parish; used for a time in the 1960s and '70s as a Spanish church; 1st bldg. 1846, wood, at Chestnut and White Sts.; 2nd bldg. 1854, brick; bell installed 1861; razed c1980.

* 1st organ: ?

*P 2nd organ: Simmons, 1870, 2m, Boston Journal, 6/25/1870, and Lawrence American July 20, 1870; the latter said “the church will soon be furnished with a magnificent organ from Messrs. Wm. B. G. Simmons & Co.’s celebrated manufactory in Boston”; case removed by Andover Organ Co. when bldg. was razed (available).

*S 3rd organ: Hutchings 2m duplex, 7r, installed 1948 by W. W. Laws; pipes salvaged by Andover Organ Co. when bldg. was razed.

 New chapel organ 1937? The nave of the main church was enlarged at some point by removing the front of the left side wall from a point about halfway between back and front thus opening the main church to a smaller area about a quarter of its size. This chapel added substantially to the seating capacity of the main church but also provided a separate space for weddings and special masses. This chapel seems to have been provided with a musical instrument but it could have been a small organ, a reed organ, or even a Hammond. The single newspaper reference to it provides no information.


Protectory of Mary Chapel. Bldg. 1868.

* Organ: Estey #1798 1920; gone.


Sacred Heart. Organized 1898; a French national parish; lower church 1898, upper church 1928; parish suppressed 2006, combined with St. Patrick’s; building sold to fundamental R.C. organization.

* 1st organ: tracker in lower church; perhaps moved into new upper church in 1928 and then returned to lower church in 1935; either this organ or some other tracker organ was said to exist in the lower church until some time in the 1950s.

*S 2nd organ: Casavant 1935, 3m.; sold to R.C. parish in Wellesley; moved, renovated with some changes, installed by AOC.


St. Anne's. Organized 1871; a French national parish; closed c1983; reopened for a few years as a Spanish national parish; closed c1994; first building, lower church 1873, upper 1883, brick, on Haverhill St. near Broadway; 2nd bldg. 1906, brick on Amesbury St. at Haverhill St.; old bldg. retained as a parish hall and still in use until church closed c1990; both bldgs. still exist.

* 1st organ; Simmons 3m? (verbal tradition only). Gone without trace.

* 2nd organ: Hook & Hastings #1746, 1997, 2-18, lower church; gone without trace.

*S 3rd organ: Cole 1906 3m, electric action; rebuilt 1943 by Jason McKown with AEolian Skinner console and added pipes. Replaced by Allen electronic c1980 but said to exist in bad condition.


St. Anthony's, Maronite. Organized 1902; 1st bldg. 1906; 2nd bldg. c1974; harmonium; 1948 2m&p Estey reed organ.

* Organ: W. H. Davis 1880 2m, orig. 11r, rebuilt 1924 by C. E. Morey with 10r; installed 1974 by E.A.Kelley with 9r but prepared for 13; in front gallery. Replaced 1995 by electronic instrument. Present status unknown.


St. Augustine's. Organized 1878; 1st bldg. 1878, Water and Doyle Sts.; 2nd bldg. 1922, Ames St., Lawrence combined 2006 with St. Theresa’s in Methuen, both buildings now in use

* 1st organ; ?

* 2nd organ: Austin 2m 5r unit, installed by W. W. Laws, 2nd hand from the Star Theatre, Lawrence; replaced by 3m Baldwin electronic c1975.


St. Francis. Organized 1903; 1st bldg. former St. John's Epis. on Bradford St.; 2nd bldg. 1922-3 same location, 1st bldg. moved to Forest Lake, Methuen, where it remained as a summer chapel of St. Francis Parish; a Lithuanian national parish; present status of first building, unknown; second building now a school; parish suppressed 2006 and combined with St. Mary’s.

* 1st organ: ? 2nd hand tracker installed 1918, $3000, (lady who played it says 15-20 ranks).

*S 2nd organ: Wicks 1940, 2m 5r unit, $10,000; enlarged by Essex Organ Co., 3r added.


St. Joseph's. Organized 1903, 298 Oak St.; a Syrian national parish, Melkite Rite.  Hammond. nko


St. Lawrence O'Toole. Organized 1873; 1st bldg. 1873 on Union St. at Essex, wood, became Holy Rosary; 2nd bldg. 1903 E. Haverhill St., brick; disbanded 1979, bldg. razed.

* 1st organ: ? 1873, gold and blue case pipes.

* 2nd organ: Hook and Hastings, 3m, 2nd hand, becoming the first organ of Holy Rosary (q.v.) when the building changed hands.

* 3rd organ; Midmer 1903.

* 4th organ: W. W. Laws c1930, 2m, may contain parts of Midmer; sold 1979 when bldg. razed to St. Joseph's, Medford.


St. Mary's, formerly Second Catholic. Organized 1848; 1st bldg. 1849, Haverhill St. near White St., wood; 2nd bldg. 1851, Haverhill St. near Hampshire, granite; 3rd bldg. 1866-71, Hampshire St. at Haverhill St.; 2nd bldg. was then incorporated into the church high school.

*P 1st organ: G. Stevens 1853, 2m, 32s, $2500, probably moved to 3rd bldg. 1871.

* 2nd organ; Hook & Hastings #1294 1886, 3-44 from St. James Episcopal, New London, Conn., electrified and moved by Laws, 1937.


St. Mary's Convent Chapel.

* Organ: W. W. Laws, 2m, 4r unit.


St. Patrick's.  Organized 1868; 1st bldg. 1870, Broadway, wood; 2nd bldg. 1881 lower church, 1894 upper church, brick; lower church seats 1400 people according to newspaper.

* 1st organ: Simmons 1870, 1m, 5r, no pedal; moved 1876 to St. Michael's, N. Andover (q.v.).

*PS 2nd organ: Simmons 1877, 2m, exists in lower church.

* 3rd organ: ? 1894, probably the 2m Simmons later moved back.

* 4th organ: Hook & Hastings #1710, 1896, built 1896 for St. Ignatius Loyola, NYC, listed as 3m, 51 registers; rebuilt, enlarged, and electrified as #2326 in 1913 by H&H, listed as reconstructed, 80 registers; installed by Laws c1920, 3m, electropneumatic action with slider chests, original chests and console still in use; renovated 1998 by Thad H. H. Outerbridge.


Sts. Peter and Paul. Bldg. 1909, 123 Chestnut St.; a Portuguese national parish, in recent years part of St. Mary's. 2m&p reed organ.



Mt. Carmel. A French national parish. Bldg. of field stone. Parish suppressed 2006, building sold and organ offered for sale until 2012 when sold out of the country, now in S. America.

* Organ: Hutchings #213 from Belmont Congregational, 2-15, 9r, seldom used for about 30 years but still present in poor condition until recently; now in South America.


St. Lucy's. Recent bldg. replacing older one.   nko


St. Monica's. 1st bldg. 1902, Broadway; 2nd bldg. 1997 Lawrence St. at Park St.

*S Organ: Emmons Howard 1902, 2m 15r; installed second hand in 1925; removed c1961; replaced by a Hammond; new Allen electronic in new bldg.  Old organ was rebuilt and installed c1963 by Andover Organ Co. at Thompson Academy, Boston; vandalized, removed by AOC c1973, rebuilt and enlarged to 3m by AOC, installed 1980 in St. Mark's R.C., Plano, Tex.


St. Theresa's. French national parish. In 2006 combined with St. Augustine’s, Lawrence; both buildings in use.

Organ: Estey #2000, 1921, from Century Theatre, Methuen, installed 1924, removed c1980 in favor of electronic substitute.

North Andover:


St. Michael's. Organized 1868 as a mission of Immaculate Conception, Lawrence; became independent parish 1900; bldg. dedicated 11/15/1869, moved 1887, enlarged c1927, greatly enlarged c1990.

 1st organ: Simmons 1870, 1m, 5r from St. Patrick's, Lawrence, installed 1876; given 1957 to St. Basil's Seminary, Methuen, never set up there, subsequently given to Victor McKenzie, Methuen, who discarded the case and subsequently gave the organ to Walter Hawkes, Merrimac, Mass.; subsequently obtained by John Rexford, Concord, N.H; later went to A. M. Laufman, Harrisville, N.H., then to Wm Baker, Hatfield, Mass.; then through OCH to Bangor, Me., Theological Seminary with pipes from R. Wahl opus 1.

* 2nd organ: Hutchings, second hand.

* 3rd organ: John White, electrification of Hutchings.

* 4th organ; Kershaw, rebuild of previous organ with new windchests and structure, new console, some new pipes. Church history says lower church organ came in 1919 from Gate of Heaven Church, S. Boston, which seems to be contrary to observed fact; perhaps the upper church organ had come from Gate of Heaven but the Hutchings opus list does not indicate such an organ there.

Salem, N.H.


Mary Queen of Peace. Organized 1965; bldg. 1965.



St. Joseph's. Organized 1910 bldg. 1926. Hammond.

* Organ: Alan McNeely, 1985, elec. action, made from old parts.



Ebenezer Spanish Evangelical. Took over 1st United Presbyterian bldg. (q.v.). Hook organ.


Spanish Assembly of God. Took over Vine St. Methodist bldg. (q.v.). Hall organ.


Spanish Church of God. Took over United Cong. bldg. (q.v.).  E. W. Lane organ. Sold organ soon after buying the building.


Spanish Evangelical. Took over Lawrence St. Cong. bldg. (q.v.).

 Organ: Kimball, Smallman, & Frazee. The floor collapsed under the organ causing serious damage in some areas but they refused to sell so it may be the organ is still there.


Spanish Free Methodist. Took over St. Mark's Methodist bldg. (q.v.).

Organ: Hall.





First Unitarian. Organized 1847; small chapel erected soon; bldg. 1850; fire in 1859 damaged steeple, “Lawrence American”, 8/31/1869, says the church has raised the floor to make room for a basement and has moved the organ from the front behind the pulpit to the rear gallery and the audience turns around to face the organ for hymns; torn down 1916; new parish house 1916 which was used for services until 1959; the plan to build a new church was kept alive almost 40 years but never materialized; merged 1959 with Church of the Good Shepherd, Universalist, at the Universalist bldg.; Unitarian bldg. became Pontiac club.

*  Organ: 1847 an organ was rented from A. Conant.

*  Organ: Music Committee authorized 3/31/1850 to hire a musical instrument for new bldg. Not stated whether same instrument or some other.

* 1st Organ: Hook #136, 1852, 2-19; moved 1867 from front to back; probably this earlier date is the correct one and 1869 the date when the reconstruction of the building was completed. It was damaged in a fire but repaired by Hook. Probably removed for installation of the second organ but its disposition is not mentioned in the church records.

 2nd Organ: Hutchings #31, 1873. A deed dated 12/8/1890 conveys the organ at Methuen and Appleton Sts. (former Eliot Cong. Church) to the First Unitarian Church from the trustees of the YMCA. On 3/31/1919, $850 was received for sale of the organ. The 1916 parish hall contained a 2m & p Estey reed organ.

North Andover:


North Parish. Organized 1645; present bldg. 1836.

* 1st organ: E. & G. G. Hook 1843, $651, not on list; maintained by Hook for $15 a year.

*P 2nd organ: E. & G. G. Hook #243 1858, 2-23, $1150 plus old organ; moved from front left to rear.

*PS 3rd organ: Hook & Hastings 1928, $10,200 plus old organ and blower; old case retained and enlarged in grossly incompatible style but all other portions of the organ were new. This organ is in use unchanged. It certainly testifies to the quality of the mechanical work being done at the time but the tonal characteristics do not share any of the beauty of Hooks made in the mid-19th century.





Church of the Good Shepherd. Formerly in Lawrence, new bldg. in Andover c1968; sold c1975, bought old club bldg. 1985. (See Lawrence). 1968 bldg. sold to Korean Methodist. Name changed to Unitarian Universalist Congregation in Andover.

* 1st organ: Roy Carlson, using many pipes of former organ in Lawrence. Sold with bldg. Koreans considered major organ restoration but decided upon an electronic instrument and the organ was dismantled.

* 2nd organ: Noack, c1968, 1m, 9r, from Tanglewood, property of the organist, Mrs. Peter Richardson; since removed by her when she retired to Maine.




First Universalist aka Church of the Good Shepherd. Organized 1847; bldg. 1852, enlarged 1865; united with Unitarian Church 1959 in Universalist bldg.; built new church in Andover c1968, sold it c1975, bought old club bldg. 1985. Another source gives the date of organization as 1837 and the first building as 1838.

*   1st organ: 1855, paid $350 for the organ hired.

*   2nd organ: 1860.

*SP 3rd organ: Hook & Hastings #1365 1887, 2m, 14r.

*S 4th organ: W. W. Laws 1930, electrification with tonal changes, $5000; partially utilized in organ in new Andover church; some organ parts remained in old bldg. which was bought by city of Lawrence and later sold to a new Hispanic Primitive Methodist church.




First Universalist. Organized 1824; bldg. c1836, remodelled c1877 and again early in the new century; church disbanded 1934, bldg. sold 1945 to Bethel Armenian Cong; latter church combined in 1965 with Mt. Ararat Armenian Cong. in Salem, N.H. and the bldg. was sold and converted to apartments.

*P 1st organ: Appleton, 1860.

*P 2nd organ: Cole, 2m about 12r: sold and removed 1971, electrified and partially installed in a residence in Acton, Mass.



Armenian Holy Cross Apostolic. Organized 1916 at Grace Church; bldg. 1928 at 54 E. Haverhill St. Hammond in use. nko


Assemblies of God Church. Organized 1949, took over bldg. at 67 Coolidge St. from Emmanuel Lutheran, originally Wood Memorial Baptist; new bldg. 1980 in Methuen. 2m & p reed organ, discarded; electronic instrument in use.


First Spiritualist Temple. (German) 111 Alston St. Disbanded. nko


Friends Meeting House. Organized 1886; bldg. 1893. piano


Immaculate Conception Polish National Catholic. Organized 1926; bldg. at 112 Andover St. nko


Lithuanian Sacred Heart of Jesus National Catholic. Took over bldg. at 150 Garden St. of former Garden St. Methodist 1916.

* Organ: W.W.Kimball, pneumatic, 2m, 7r. Last seen c1958 but said to be in use.


Sts. Constantine and Helen Greek Orthodox. 825 Essex St. nko


St. George's Syrian Orthodox. 1st bldg. 1907 302 Elm St.; 2nd bldg., 8 Lowell St., 1946., Hammond. nko


St. John the Baptist Russian Greek Orthodox. 1914, 71 Exchange St. nko





Assemblies of God. Formerly in Lawrence; new bldg. 1980, Dracut Blvd. nko


First Spiritualist. Center St. Bldg. now used by a Hispanic group. Had Gulbranson electronic. nko


Gospel Hall. Formerly at 7 Center St. which had been Arlington District Primitive Methodist, now at Ferry St. Center St. bldg., now Red Men's Hall, had an organ given by Searles in 1896 (see St. George's P.M.) but no known organ in more recent years.


Jehovah's Witnesses. Formerly at 185 Garden St., Lawrence; new bldg. c1965 Jackson and East Sts. Methuen. nko


Marsh Corner Community Church. 1st bldg. Pelham St.; 2nd bldg. c1960 near 1st bldg. Hammond. nko


Tozier's Corner Community Church. Howe St. Disbanded c1958. nko





Abbot Academy. Founded 1829, merged 1973 with Phillips Academy.

* 1st organ: ?

* 2nd organ: Hall, 2m, gone.

* 3rd organ: Hall, 3m, perhaps a rebuild of previous organ; broken up by Andover Organ Co. 1978.


Andover Historical Society.

 Organ: Astor, 1m, 1r, enlarged to 3r.


Andover Theological Seminary. Organized 1808; shared trustees and campus with Phillips Academy; bldg. ?; moved to Cambridge 1908;  Stone Chapel sold to P.A.

* Organ: Hook and Hastings #829, 1876, 2-20; to Clinton, Conn., Baptist; later to a residence.


Masonic Hall. 1st bldg. ?; 2nd bldg. c1968.

* Organ: W. W. Laws 2m, 8r, unit, Estey with new console; sold to Tewksbury Methodist when new bldg. constructed, subsequently completely revised tonally by Andover Organ Co.


Phillips Academy. Founded 1778, bought Seminary Chapel 1909.

* 1st organ: Hall, 2m.

* 2nd organ: Frazee, 1922?, 3m enlargement of previous organ: sold 1930 to South Church, Andover, moved and enlarged by Laws.

* 3rd organ: Stevens?, electrified, previously in Phillips House, moved to Cochrane Chapel basement; not known if it was ever tracker at P.A.; age and provenance unknown; sold 1979.

*S 4th organ: Casavant, 1929, 4m; originally in George Washington Hall, moved 1930-1 to new Cochrane Chapel, dedicated 1932, new elaborately carved case provided.

*PS 5th organ: Andover Organ Co., 1979, 2m, 9r, Kemper Chapel in basement of Cochrane Chapel.

*PS 6th organ: Andover Organ Co., 1981, 2m, 37r; Cochrane Chapel; carved wood case utilizes some portions of previous case.

* 7th organ: Andover Organ Co., 1972, 1m, 3r, Portable organ used for rental; sold to P.A. c1985, usually located in Cochrane Chapel.

Organ: small tracker organ, probably a residence or parlor organ said to have been in storage in one of the School dormitories; not known whether ever installed or in use at the School; disposition unknown.




Masonic Hall: 1st bldg. 1872, on Essex St. now a furniture store; 2nd bldg. 1923 on Jackson St.

* 1st organ: Hook #275 1860, 1-14.

* 2nd organ: Estey #1124, 1913, pneumatic; electrified by Estey when moved to new bldg. Console removed c1980.


Odd Fellows Hall. Southwest corner of Lawrence and Essex Sts.; burned.

* Organ: Hamill 1875, 1m, a "Giant" organ: $1000.



Lawrence Home for the Aged, now the Berkeley Retirement Home.

*SP Organ: Methuen Organ Co., 1m and pedal, 8r; electric action slider chest.


Methuen Memorial Music Hall. Organized 1946 to purchase and operate the concert hall completed in 1909 by Edward F. Searles for his own use.

*PS 1st organ: C. F. Walcker, 1857-63, 4m, installed originally in the Boston Music Hall with tracker action and ventil chests, rebuilt and installed in Methuen with electropneumatic action and slider chests, pipes essentially unchanged. The pitch was lowered to 435 at this time by adding a new low C pipe for most stops.

*PS  2nd organ: AEolian-Skinner, 1946, rebuild of Walcker organ with comprehensive tonal revisions, rebuilt console, and some other mechanical changes; three reed stops added to Great 1961-3 by Andover Organ Co. New combination action and other changes 2006-7.

North Andover


Brooks School.

*S Organ: AEolian-Skinner #980, 1938, 3m; one rank added by Andover Organ Co.; other changes and additions.


Osgood Hill Conference Center, Boston University, formerly a private residence, now property of the Town of North Andover.

*SP Organ: Cole Organ Co. c1900, 2m, 10r. Damaged by vandalism and lack of normal care.  Present existence unknown.



Andover: a mansion on Main St. just south of Phillips Academy, owner and address unknown, built-in tracker organ now gone.




Albert I. Couch, Haverhill St. Couch was organist for 36 years up to 1931 at Lawrence St. Congregational and president of Essex Savings Bank.

*S 1st organ: Frazee, 1906, 2m, 18s, 11r.

* 2nd organ: Frazee, 1922, 2m, 20s, probably an enlargement of the 1st organ; moved 1946 to Episcopal Church of the Messiah, Auburndale.





Edward F. Searles. Searles born in this town married the widow of Mark Hopkins and from her inherited $21 million, part of the Southern Pacific R.R. fortune. He owned the Methuen Organ Co. and had several organs on his main estate in Methuen, commonly known as Searles Castle. The following are listed in no particular order and were not there all at the same time.

* Organ #1: Hutchings #93, 2-10, gone.

*PS Organ #2: Ferris & Stuart, 1859, the Great, Swell, & Pedal of a large 3m organ formerly in Broadway Tabernacle, New York City; located in Searles' Grand Ballroom, now the chapel of the Sisters of the Presentation of Mary who purchased the estate in 1956 and use it as a mother house and school; organ in regular use. The Swell chest was enlarged by four stops, apparently while still in NYC. Further tonal additions and changes were made by Methuen Organ Co. at the time of installation here.

*PS Organ #3: Ferris & Stuart, 1859, the Choir division of Organ #2, with additions and changes by Methuen Organ Co., 1m & P, 8r, had a player action at one time; located in a bldg. used by the Sisters of the Presentation as a library; organ in occasional use. In Broadway Tabernacle, the Choir division overhung the gallery rail behind the organist and was what the English called a Chair division, rare in the U.S. at any time.

*P Organ #4: Methuen Organ Co., 2m&p in a bldg. demolished 1946; organ gone. Console below the organ and not attached.

*PS Organ #5: Methuen Organ Co., 2m&p, in a bldg. demolished c1946, moved to Forest St. Union Church by E. M. Skinner.

* Organ #6: Methuen Organ Co., 1m&p; sold to Andover Organ Co.; manual chest now the Positive division in Grace Church, Lawrence; pipes dispersed; case inadvertently destroyed (fell over) by salvage crew (Arthur McKenzie).

* Organ #7: Baronial Hall, organ on balcony level; shown in photograph at Methuen Historical Society seen in 1956 by RJR but since lost.





Andover Playhouse.

* Organ: builder unknown.



Radio Station WLAW.

*S Organ: Wurlitzer #1348, 1926, originally in Palace Theatre, Philadelphia, moved in 1937, removed later, disposition unknown.


Broadway Theatre, 100 Broadway.

* Organ: Hope-Jones, gone.


Capitol Theatre, 139 Common St.

* Organ: Estey #2719, gone.


City Hall Theatre, Appleton St.

* Organ: 1870, cabinet organ.


Empire Theatre, later Warner, 1 Lawrence St.

*S Organ: E. M. Skinner #602, 1926, 3m, 31r; console removed c1950, organ destroyed 1979.


Modern Theatre, 98 Broadway.

*S Organ: Wurlitzer #0367, Model #135A, 1920, 2m, 4r; in 1956, this organ was said to be in storage; extensive inquiry has failed to elicit any information confirming this or indicating any details of disposition.


Palace Theatre, 112 Broadway.

*S Organ: E. M. Skinner #343, 1921, 4m, 18r; said to be a rebuild of a Hutchings organ; disposition unknown.


Star Theatre, 479 Broadway.

* Organ: Austin #867 1919, 2m, 4r, Chorophone; moved to St. Augustine's R.C. Church by W. W. Laws; destroyed c1980?.


Other Lawrence Theatres:

 Berkand, 25 Appleton St.

 Astor, later Strand, 92 Broadway, piano.

 Victoria, later State, 125 Broadway.

 Auditorium, 106 Summer St.

 Music Hall, Common and Amesbury Sts.

 Central, 11 Oak St.

 Premier, 554 Essex St., piano.

 Winter Garden, 330 Essex St.

 Opera House, later Rialto, 326 Essex St.

 Cosmopolitan, 17 Newbury St.

 Colonial, 12 Hampshire St.

 Marquise, 503 Essex St.

 Funnyland, 523 Essex St.

 Pastime, 386 Essex St.

 Casto, later Nickel, later Warner, Lawrence near Essex; see Empire above; it may be doubtful that one theatre had five different names.




Century Theatre.

* Organ: Estey #2000 1921, moved 1924 to St. Theresa's Church, Methuen, stops included a labial Saxaphone; destroyed c1980?.




 For Lawrence alone, this list includes 94 organs. Definite information about some of them is missing, specifically beginning and ending dates, and in a few cases whether the instrument was actually a pipe organ. The following listing is the number actually present at the beginning of each decade but it includes some guesses and cannot be completely accurate. It lists a high of 42 organs in the city in 1930 and a low of 14 at present which, if accurate, shows a loss of two thirds, a trend that is continuing.

Organs in 1840 0     Organs in 1930 42

             Organs in 1850 6     Organs in 1940 39

Organs in 1860 11   Organs in 1950 35

Organs in 1870 17   Organs in 1960 31

Organs in 1880 23   Organs in 1970 27

Organs in 1890 24   Organs in 1980 23

Organs in 1900 24   Organs in 1990 17

Organs in 1910 32   Organs in 2000 15

Organs in 1920 40   Organs in 2010 14